Keep your gloves on!

$ 14.99

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ThumbDogs were created so you don't have to take off your gloves when you want to use your digital device - smartphone, GPS, e-reader, gaming console, ATMs, e-tablets, cameras, etc.

Includes: 2 ThumbDogs (Black/No Logo) for touchscreen devices.


  • GRRPRR- a rubber coating applied to the inside fabric of ThumbDogs that provides more stick and friction to your gloves to prevent slippage
  • Leash - a secure and adjustable velcro strap that tightens your Dogs to your gloves!

ThumbDogs are not just for the cold. Motorcyclists, hikers, skiers, boarders, jet pilots, construction workers, and just about anyone with a touch screen device and wants to keep their own gloves can benefit year round with a set of ThumbDogs!